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Science Facing Aliens

Abstract Volume

Science Facing Aliens - Brussels, Belgian Comic Strip Centre, 11 May 2009

The Science facing Aliens meeting was organised in the framework of the 2009 International Day on Biological Diversity.

The meeting has taken stock of the progress achieved through basic and applied research on biological invasions being conducted in Belgium. It covered a broad range of topics, e.g. the mechanisms and evolution of species invasiveness, the environmental impacts of invasions together with the assessment and the management of risks.

Members of the scientific committee of the conference were the following : Tim Adriaens (INBO), Etienne Branquart (BBPF), Jean-Claude Grégoire (ULB), Francis Kerckhof (RBINS), Erik Matthysen (UA), Ivan Nijs (UA), Hendrik Segers (BBPF), Wim van Bortel (ITM), Sonia Vanderhoeven (FUSAGx) and Fabienne Van Rossum (NBGB).

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Ingolf Kuehn, UFZ - Key-note speech: Invasion pathways, species invasion success and habitat invasibility in Europe

SESSION 1 - Patterns, mechanisms and evolution of species invasiveness

SESSION 2 - Impacts of invasions

SESSION 3 - Risk assessment and management


Biological invasions : A Belgian perspective - Branquart Etienne & Brosens Dimitri & Gonzalez Barbara & Segers Hendrik

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