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Species List

Welcome to Harmonia, an information system dedicated to alien species threatening native biodiversity in Belgium and in neighbour areas.

The species list presented hereafter can be sorted or filtered through different criteria including taxonomy, habitat, introduction date or hazard categories (black and watch lists). It gives access to detailed ecological information and references which have been used for assessing the environmental impact of the different species (see also the ISEIA protocol). Find more information about definitions, list categories, copyright and citation from here.

Note that the species list is far to be complete and is updated on a regular basis. Today, only vascular plants and vertebrates have been subjected to risk assessment.

Harmonia includes 102 species (44 on the black list, 39 on the watch list and 12 on the alert list).

Scientific Name Common Name Taxonomic Group Habitat Since Range Category
Last database update: 19/08/2022 at 15:58 (Belgian time).
= recent update of invasive status (category).
= recent addition to the list.
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