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Umbra pygmaea - Eastern mudminnow

French name:  Umbre pygmée, Poisson chien
Dutch name: Amerikaanse hondsvis
Family: Umbridae
Group: Fish
Origin: North America
Habitat: freshwater
Introduction:  game/fish stocking
ISEIA Score : 8
Naturalization in Belgium
First observation in the wild: 1920
Invasion stage: stabilization
Spatial distribution: restricted
Reproduction in the wild: yes
Dispersion potential: medium
Natural habitats: high
More on invasiveness: Standing and slow-running waters with dense vegetation, including acidic and anoxic environments.
Distribution in Belgium
Established populations
absent from district
isolated populations (1-5 localities per district)
widespread (>5 localities per district)

Impacts on Species
Predation / Herbivory: low
Competition: medium
Disease transmission: unknown
Genetic effects: low
Impacts on Ecosystems
Nutrient cycling: low
Physical alteration: low
Natural successions: low
Food web alteration: low
More on impacts: Umbra pygmaea is a low competitive species, which is faced with difficulties to reproduce in the presence of other fish species. It rarely occurs in high densities.
Data Source & References
Authors: Anseeuw Dieter, Branquart Etienne, Lieffrig François, Micha Jean-Claude, Parkinson Denis, Verreycken Hugo
Published on:  11 June 2007
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