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Oxyura jamaicensis - Ruddy duck

French name:  Erismature rousse
Dutch name: Rosse stekelstaart
Family: Anatidae
Group: Birds
Origin: North America
Habitat: freshwater
Introduction:  pets and domestic animals
ISEIA Score : 10
This species is not yet naturalised in Belgium.
Establishment potential in Belgium : high
It is already invasive in : France, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Reproduction in the wild: no
Dispersion potential: high
Natural habitats: high
More on naturalization and invasiveness: Nests on lakes and ponds with open water surrounded by dense aquatic vegetation. Outside the breeding season, it is often found on lakes and estuaries. Isolated individuals of ruddy duck are regularly observed in the country but it doesn't reproduce on a regular basis.
Impacts on Species
Predation / Herbivory: low
Competition: high
Disease transmission: low
Genetic effects: high
Impacts on Ecosystems
Nutrient cycling: low
Physical alteration: low
Natural successions: low
Food web alteration: unknown
More on impacts: The ruddy duck threatens the globally endangered white-headed duck through introgressive hybridisation and competition. It has been reported to have the ability to outcompete water birds such as Tachybaptus ruficollis and Podiceps nigricollis through its aggressive behaviour. It is included in the appendix to the recommendation no 77 of the Council of Europe as a species which has proved to be a threat to biological diversity and for which eradication is strongly recommended.
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Published on:  24 August 2007
Last update:  11 December 2013
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