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Cyperus eragrostis - Tall flatsedge, Pale galingale

Synonym: Cyperus vegetus
French name:  Souchet vigoureux
Dutch name: Bleek cypergras
Family: Cyperaceae
Group: Vascular plants
Origin: South America
Habitat: terrestrial
Introduction:  agri- and horticulture
ISEIA Score : 10
Naturalization in Belgium
First observation in the wild: 1896
Invasion stage: spread
Spatial distribution: isolated
Reproduction in the wild: yes
Dispersion potential: high
Natural habitats: high
More on invasiveness: Cyperus eragrostis grows in muddy and disturbed sites that are underwater during the winter months (Phragmito-Magnocaricetea, Bidentetea tripartitae); it is mostly found along rivers and ponds margins, in ditches, marshes and wet meadows. Waterfowl play an important role in plant dispersion in the wild. It is in strong expansion since the last decades in Southern and Western Europe.
Distribution in Belgium
Established populations
absent from district
isolated populations (1-5 localities per district)
widespread (>5 localities per district)
Endangered areas
low risk
medium risk
high risk

Endangered Natura 2000 habitats ():
freshwater habitats: 3270
Impacts on Species
Predation / Herbivory: low
Competition: likely
Disease transmission: low
Genetic effects: unknown
Impacts on Ecosystems
Nutrient cycling: unknown
Physical alteration: likely
Natural successions: likely
Food web alteration: low
More on impacts: This sedge is usually considered as a weed in its introduced range. Once established, it is likely to out-compete and displace native plant species. Species displacement is however not well documented in the scientific literature.
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Published on:  16 March 2009
Last update:  21 December 2010
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